People are so used to nuts and bolts coming loose that it has been looked on as not being a problem.

But let's face it... with your aircraft... your life and the lives of your
passengers... you don't need any loose bolts!

True-Lock fastener system is like a clever puzzle box.

Look at the pieces that make it work.There's a snap ring, a retainer, a slotted nut, all fit on the axle.


An advanced fastener that sets a whole new standard of safety and reliability for the next generation.

What does it mean to you ... the aircraft owner?

The True-Lock fastener can significantly increase the safety and reliability of your aircraft.



Installations Instructions


The True-Lock system is easy to understand
and easy to apply.

  • The retainer keeps the slotted nut from turning on the axle and the snap ring assures that the retainer will not change position.
  • Simple tools and simple instructions make applying the True-Lock system easy.
  • Wire ties, cotter pins and friction type locks are outdated, prone to failure and can be very time consuming to install.
  • Both design and quality of materials used in manufacturing assure the highest standards for the FAA.
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